Reader: The Lord of the Rings

LotR Book CoverMy first Tolkien epic. As mentioned, it was the movies that gave me that nudge out the door. Actually, quite a forceful shove, which had me sprawled and eating dirt in the Shire, both feet firmly off the ground and gawking in Middle-earth!

Rather an undignified position to begin an infatuation that has just grown its deathgrip from strength tp strength over time. Admittedly, the kismet is apt for my pussyfooting meandering around the inevitability for so long.

The teenage me would have been aghast to know I would be so fascinated by the uncool concept of hairy feet and a short portly protagonist, and a certified homebody at that. Surely symptoms of acute hobbitinitis that would go away in due course. It turned chronic unfortunately, which would have disgusted that younger me.

I feel confident though, that me would, with patience and thoughtful guidance, gradually come round to the notion. One word: gratification. The impending implosion of a deceptively simple case of a common infection that we’ve managed to avoid so long into a whole new world of Men, Elves, rich world-building spanning eons, invented languages grounded in sound rules… it was home, or least a roots that makes the inner-nerd happy.

Regardless of my fandom age, the rub though galling to the core, is that I am a sf-fantasy nerd very late to an unexpected party. Fortunately, it is a party that has no end. A London Eye that doesn’t close, the geekdom is an inclusive perpetual group rope-skipping marathon: you are welcome to join in or get out as and when. It simply continues churning the rope turns, with or without you.

Of course I have read the books a number of times since that first skip. But my current status is lapsed Tolkienist, having totally abandoned the books and ME for the last few years due to real-life intrusions.

You can’t keep a recalcitrant down though. The hibernating inner nerd has been jolted awake by Peter Jackson’s movies again, a new set this time, with the defibrillator on max voltage.

And what an awakening! I had given myself an acutely chronic case of mix-up-the-books-with-the-movies with the LotR trilogy by reading the book once right before I first saw FotR, and it had done some strange things to my sense of ME lore ever since. But that was nothing compared to the case of severe brain-trips brought on deja vu this time. I had enough problems keeping the canon of both universes straight and distinct; having residual memory of book and movies from that time amplifies the headtripping deja vu and sense of “was that truly canon or my head canon?” this time.

Lesson learnt, and I do not intend to tread the same path of re-discovery, so this blog will serve as my notebook as I re-enter ME, and keep me on the straight and narrow. I will finish up TH, before I start on LotR, as I expect many tangents and side-trips as the reading progresses – after all, this is the book, even its appendices, with the canon bits inspiring and sustaining that little fan-fiction piece of mine I affectionately call ITDA, my own, my precious.

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