Reader: Unfinished Tales

Unfinished Tales Book CoverA short blog-entry today for the UT: Thanks to the LotR books, and its appendices, I had to know more, especially about the Elves. Enter the “Unfinished Tales”, posthumously published.

I have flipped through the book many times, taking out bits and confirming backgrounds and narratives for my own fanfic writing. Of particular interest and focus were “The Hunt For The Ring”, “The History Of Galadriel and Celeborn” and “The Disaster of the Gladden Fields”, events and narrative that fit into the larger picture of the ME timeline. But it is definitely an easier read than the Silm, since the stories are more developed, and was published intact, as the prof left them.

Without the context of LotR and the Silm, it is a challenge to quantify the merits of UT to the uninitiated, but it is quite an enjoyable read, if memory serves.  However, as with the Silm, one thing I still can’t figure out- how does anyone keep everything and every date straight? I guess I’ll have to find my own way. My plan is to reread UT properly, end to end, after completing my readers for TH, LotR, and the Silm. I believe this will (only) be my second proper read when I’m done.


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