Reader: The Silmarillion

Silmarillion Book CoverThe fourth Tolkien book I read, (“Unfinished Tales” being the third one). It really is a textbook, and difficult to read through and enjoy, in the usual sense of the word, for me.

Of course this begs the question: why put myself through a difficult read, time and again? To misappropriate a quote from someone I know on a forum I frequent: “I’m a completist, even when it hurts.” It truly is not an easy book to navigate and enjoy, but it enriches the FA and SA of the ME world, and I aim to be a studious, competent student, if nothing else.

It would be my third complete reading of the Silm when I open it this time. And as has been said, I intend to make notes and put my thoughts to paper so I don’t have to keep dealing with glitches in the Matrix when I pick it up again.

Coincidentally. there is a virtual read-along starting July 18. I will use that as a pace-checker and keep myself on the go (though it means pushing my LotR, UT and TH reading/notations aside to accommodate, but there’s a month to, and I’m sure I can get to comfortable pause points for LotR and finish TH by that time). Also, I’ve never done one of these before so it will be fun, and who knows, perhaps bring new perspectives. Relevant readalong tags, specific to this readalong, are “tolkienreadalong”, “teamdoriath”. My generic tag: “readalong“.

In closing, this is the last of the “Reader” cover blogposts for my ME re-read list. I expect to be begin posting my TH reader notes within the week, followed by LotR and the Silm.

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