Procrastination in naught

008.Procrastination.webFallen. That’s me. I am so far behind in my notation for the Silmarillion my embarrassment has caught up from behind. A comedy of errors, my own doing.

Scarcity of time and the effort of juggling another Middle-earth writing venture in tandem, the lure of silly fun a big factor if I’m honest, instantiated an opportunity cost, and seemed to dictate what I believed was a necessary decision.

Unfortunately, my decision to put aside my notation effort in favour of what I believed was loyalty to a creative (and really fun) venture, has proven errorneous.

I hardly expect a blood pact, but developments have been… interesting. To be honest, I truly had fun in the venture, which must be the positive takeaway. Also, it prodded awake and put the long dormant musies through some much needed warmups, wisecracking an opening into comedy writing-something I’ve attempted but not got a handle on before.

In hindsight, the venture’s sudden death, to entirely unrelated causes, is symptomatic; this creature, labelled a “companions in crime” collaboration, is not quite what I thought it was.

The way has suddenly shut in my face. But I have no intention to go on a quest to solve the opaque mystery of coaxing that door open again, for I have not Bagginses on my side, nor can I afford to go recruiting his company and luck. And frankly, I would rather sleeping dogs lie.

The Road Goes Ever On and On Still, if another opportunity comes, I have no doubt I will be again throwing myself wholly into a creative proposition. Creative writing is that enjoyable.

Come what may, I shall endeavour to stick to my priorities, and not allow myself to easily be swayed again by gestures wrapped in friendly or kindly words, nor to (over)presume and trust to the rapport hinted by them.

For now, I am quite ready to point my feet forward on the road once more, and resume my own adventure of wayfaring in Middle-earth. And the Silm awaits.


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