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Christmas Carol Parody: Thranduil Baby (Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt)

Stepping away for a bit from both book-nerding, and square-my-head-about-movie effort. Something a little bit naughty, a little nice, and definitely all tongue-in-cheek. Hosting it here in case it violates some proprietry rule at the family-friendly place where my fellow fanciers of the Elvenking congregate. Fellow Thralls, you know who you are.

For accompanying visual bookends, refer to this meme. And yes, I am aware the original song isn’t technically a carol, but its seasonal vibe is undeniable.
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Movie: Confessions of a Thranduil Fan

Thranduil_swordConfessions, by proxy, of a Thranduil!Fan. This is an unlooked for continuation of my BotFA/TH processing. The only difference being my statuses as a movie-firster, and a Book!Thranduil fangirl before the Hobbit movies ever were.

(Almost) Everything else dovetails. Of course I expect, at some future point, to hammer together my very own list of confessions. Until then, this, especially the last two paragraphs, is what I would wave at anyone who asks, “Why Thranduil?”

Where the Dog Star rages

Confession 1: When I read The Lord of the Rings for the first time, I did so without reading The Hobbit. As a result, I had no idea of Bilbo’s journeys, no clue who the hell Gollum was, or get any of the allusions the characters made (especially in The Fellowship of the Ring) to the adventures chronicled in that book. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my first brush with Tolkien immensely, and closed the covers quite satisfied with my foray into Middle Earth.

Didn't get half of that, but i liked it! Didn’t get half of that, but I liked it!

Confession 2: That first journey into Middle Earth was not entirely without some annoyances. The number of songs in the book threw me off a bit. I didn’t understand why these people, who were supposedly going off on a dangerous quest, spent their energy singing ridiculous songs about leaving home or, even worse, sometimes singing in…

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