Reader: The Silmarillion. The Allure Of The Valaquenta

the_old_colosseum_by_flaviobolla-d80yv07-iSo closes the Quenta Silmarillion with the Voyage of Eärendil and the War of Wrath. So ends the First Age since the Sun and the Moon were first hoisted into the sky. There’s only two more chapters before the main text is done. Meantime, I noticed a curious blog view phenomenon, thanks to the Valar.

Valaquenta_Stats_20150111My notes on the Valaquenta was published on 10th August, 2014. Business, as usual, was low. But, there’s a spike that’s just raised the number of hits on it in 2015 to about 7.2 times the total of 2014 (already) and around 10% of this blog’s total views, as of 5 hours plus some minutes ago.

The stats say the referrals were search engine terms, encrypted so I have no idea what they were. But I do know that on google, unless the search term was “Reader Silmarillion Valaquenta” (which would put it third), my notation does not show up anywhere near the first page of the search results.

Incidentally, the beautiful image is called “The Old Coliseum”, and I would not have seen it if not for the happy happenstance of a user on the forums I visited sharing it. While the title evokes Greek/Roman imagery, I fancy seeing the Valar in the giant statues, as they would be in council in the Ring of Doom.


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