Movie: Once more on the merry-go-round

Thranduil_BotFAI’ve worked through my feels and thoughts about BotFA for a whole week, with a rambling list of random thoughts, making a quickie fix-it ficlet for that bizarro ending scene between Thranduil and Legolas, pondered on the emotional quotients of LotR vs TH, expositioned on the social engineering work of the series, even showing a hint of my thraldom to the Elvenking during the proceedings. But I’ve not discussed the reception beyond the lurkmirk. That’s because the reviews I saw that were from fans’ perspective (of particular interest for me) were quite clear-cut in their support (or not) of the movies, and there wasn’t much that was interesting enough for a mention. Until now.

I have just stumbled on masteroflore‘s review, and it’s a write-up I thoroughly enjoyed. Because masteroflore gets it. One can love the Tolkien books, and be a fan of the movies at the same time, but still see and call it as it is, and have an intelligent discourse about what works and what doesn’t, even if it’s a point that’s advantage PJ.

The inclusion of book canon discussion in the very comprehensive review is fascinating, and there’s astute observations about book/movie resonance, changes and whathaveyous. I do encourage everyone who has interest in the books and don’t feel completely negatively, or positively, and yet is still interested to talk about the movies to read it.

Capture(Click on the image to read the full review)

Edited to add: Movie: Once more on the merry-go-round (An Addendum).

4 thoughts on “Movie: Once more on the merry-go-round

    1. lurkerinthemirk Post author

      You’re welcome. I think it’s rare to find a book+movie fan review that does look at the movies with a, more or less, intelligently objective view with good points raised. So I really this one. =)


  1. Master of Lore

    Hey Lurker, thanks for the shout out and link to my site. I’ve greatly enjoyed reading through your various articles on the film. With the binary “like” or “dislike” of the YouTube generation often occluding nuanced analysis, I’m also grateful to connect with a fellow fan whose tastes go beyond such simple categorizations. It’s a pleasure to be following your work!

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