Movie: Once more on the merry-go-round (An Addendum)

Thranduil_BotFAAn unexpected coincidence that is surely the perfect augmentation to Movie: Once more on the merry-go-round.

This one panel sums so well the questions. Not all, but well enough.

wpid-10934070_629311323881687_532110005725618064_n.jpg(Click on the image to go to the source)

6 thoughts on “Movie: Once more on the merry-go-round (An Addendum)

  1. Eric

    And that is pretty right on. For me, it wasn’t about the movies not being like the books so much as it was the movies simply not being satisfying movies. If, after three loooooong movies your audience is still asking ‘but what happened to-‘ questions about major characters and plot points, you’ve failed as a director. If these things are answered in the extended edition, then you’ve also failed as an editor and producer.

    I’ll definitely see the extended edition of the third movie, but I seriously doubt I’ll ever watch the entire hobbit trilogy again. The LotR trilogy I’ll probably watch every few years or so.

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    1. lurkerinthemirk Post author

      Point, point and point. Similarly, for me, though I do love the characters more than I did LotR, I’m not as interested in the movies in themselves as I am in specific visuals and scenes. So after the EE is out, I think the fan-edits of GIFs and scenes will be what I see more than the movies in their entirety. I won;t turn away if they’re on TV for where home entertainment is concerned, I am quite sure the remote will be an MVP for my viewings of the movies.


      1. Eric

        I’d totally be down with a nice fan edit of the entire Hobbit trilogy. I’m not sure it would make any more sense, but it’s worth a shot. Sort of worked for the second and third Star Wars prequels. The first was basically pointless and unsalvageable.



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