google+ share problem with posts being shared publicly

Leonid_Pasternak_001A quick update on the cross-platform post sharing experiment mentioned here.

Twitter works a treat, but for some confounding reason, google+ refuses to sharr the post publicly.

The archaic (and immensely unhelpful) logic requires the post to be deleted and reposted. An utter unsurprise then, to me, to find the root cause seems to be my poor decision making in deciding to select share with groups when setting up the share.

ScribeI have tried looking around for solutions on both the google+ account, and the wordpress support literature. But it’s one of those outdated point-of-no-return one-time setting that cannot be corrected, only trashed. So I have ended up applying what I have to appreciate as the favoured solution of any bona-fide IT support professional: delete the share and redo it.

But after getting it done, redone, and re-redone with the same results, I can only conclude there’s truly no way to remedy it. Plus I’ve no interest to understand if it’s a wordpress or google+ issue (probably both), I have opted to delete the google+ sharing and stick with what works.

Certainly I have a newfound appreciation for both twitter and tumblr for the ease of sharing setup, and flexibility to change things up without having to fall back on the favoured IT professional solution.

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