Apologies for duplicate posts. And an ingrate’s technology gripe

quote-Charles-M.-Schulz-sometimes-i-lie-awake-at-night-and-1-2374Note: much apologies to blog followers who may get multiple duplicate posts for a bit as I straighten this out.

Ingrate. That’s me. Sometimes I lie awake at night and ask: do I ask for too much of technology, of social media, of internet people? (Not the last, in all seriousness. I’m well aware people are the problem, like Ms Dodson, despite the Stockholm Syndrome induced affection she developed for Mr. Constantine that has somewhat disabused her of that key existential tenet.)

Since (recently) deciding to pay more attention to blogging, rather than squandering time elsewhere online, I’ve been having fun appreciating, and thinking about the wider horizon of blogs and blogging as a medium more conducive to online interaction, and yet WITHIN my control and on my terms.

Despite negating the virtues of sharing via google+, I was able to set up cross-posting (sharing in wordpress parlance) from wordpress to both tumblr and twitter. I want to go the other way now as there are many worthwhile tumblr posts I want to share on wordpress. Unfortunately, the verdict of the technology collective is telling me the traffic can only be one-directional, unless I’m self-hosting my wordpress. Well, there are ifttt options I’m trying out at the moment: but all the test posts aren’t appearing on wordpress, even after correcting the misspelling issue I had (DUH!).

Of course once now I have that problem licked, I’d have to think about the impact to twitter and the share I’ve set up for tumblr itself, since I had it in mind to make wordpress my master blog, and the success of the ifttt tagged posts on tumblr spawned duplicates on both tumblr and wordpress because I have the tumblr share on wordpress enabled (though the successfully crossposted has the #ifttt tag here).

Circular logic is so circular. Sometimes technology can get too helpful. (But to be fair, I did force the ifttt apps to run in my eager perplexion as to their efficacy, and that might be why the crossposts crossposted themselves again. More testing needed.)

I will need some time to decide if I want to keep the iffft applet, which will affect my decision on the sharing/cross post configuration to avoid circular logic and any duplication post spawning across wordpress, tumblr and twitter. I suspect the best option would be to disable the share I’ve set up for twitter here and enable the one for it on tumblr. tumblr to wordpress will be taken care of by the ifttt tag. Which also means the wordpress to tumblr share will have to be disabled since the bulk of the tumblr posts I want to crosspost have the ifttt tag. For wordpress posts I want on tumblr, I’d have to cross-post the old-fashioned way. Conclusion: tumblr is going to become my master blog by circumstance. Unless the powers that be drop a tumblr application that will answer my needs.

(I have a side-bet with myself when I next check in, this post will have duplicated itself and be reposted back from tumblr since I’ve tagged it “ifttt”, and that’s the trigger for my tumblr posts to get sent here. I.E. if the ifttt app work without needing manual trigger/intervention.)

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