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sundxwn: Patagonian Rhapsody by Artur…



Patagonian Rhapsody by Artur Stanisz

Looks like sunset in the Grey Havens.

Reblogging this as a start to my little project to catalogue beautiful imagery that evokes Middle-earth for me.

This does look like it could be sunset in the outskirts of the Havens because of its location on the shores of the Gulf of Lhûn.

(Side note: All the pain of the test posts, and my cross-posting OCD was in aid of this project)



Patagonian Rhapsody by Artur…

Still on cross-posting. Upgrades and the demise of once-good stuff

loopy_cat_by_timekeeper9-d2z7w0ePutting this up for anyone interested in CONTROL and cross-posting. So yes, OCD-complexioned deuce that I am, ima still puttering around with the idea of cross-posting, but with focus on control in my hands.

Having donned my tiny logic-debugging cap, I realised the idea of multi-platform cross-posting is not an impossible dream.

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Apologies for the post spam across tumblr, wordpress and twitter

Sorry for the nuisance spam.

Sorry! Much apologies for being such a annoyance with my test posting. I deeply underestimated the circular logical nature of the setup I had.

Sharing on twitter and tumblr via wordpress is now turned off, and duplicate posts across all three platforms are removed. I have learnt my lesson (never set up tests like this before going to bed!)

I would be more profuse but I need to get to work now. Please accept my very humble and very contrite: Sorry!

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