Still on cross-posting. Upgrades and the demise of once-good stuff

loopy_cat_by_timekeeper9-d2z7w0ePutting this up for anyone interested in CONTROL and cross-posting. So yes, OCD-complexioned deuce that I am, ima still puttering around with the idea of cross-posting, but with focus on control in my hands.

Having donned my tiny logic-debugging cap, I realised the idea of multi-platform cross-posting is not an impossible dream.

But the implementation – my implementation – was a sure-fire failure setup.

  1. the tumblr-wordpress cross-post logic of the ifttt recipe worked perfectly.
  2. The problem was the inhouse wordpress-tumblr share. It was unconditional, and therefore there’s no “intelligence” to check and stop the looping, so it just went on looping the post-crosspost-crosscrosspost exponentially.
  3. loopy-loungerWith the setup for tumblr-wordpress cross-post to trigger on a tag, and the unconditional share to tumblr on wordpress, those were the conditions for the perfect storm in a teacup to the merry go-round called circular logic looping.
    (When I interrupted the process this morning, there was about 40 new posts on my wordpress, about another 40 on my tumblr, and probably double that on my twitter. They added up, sorta. I’m not convinced, but I’m throttling the OCD tendency to go find out EXACTLY.)
  4. the one bright spark: ifttt “recipes” triggered on set times, or else there would be way more than the numbers reported in point 2

Having spent some time to understand how ifttt works, I’m going to continue my attempt to set up conditional cross-posting across all 3 accounts. What I’ll do is

  • Create my own ifttt recipes to trigger on specific tags
  • have the ifttt trigger a draft, not publish a post, so if anything blows up, it’s all internal issues. No public mess
  • Only thing is, there’s no drafts in twitter innit? I will be watching nonetheless.

I’m quite confident it will all work out. What perplexes me is the lack of better options in-blog, whether wordpress or tumblr.  You’d, or I would, think that anything that convinces a blogger to stick around would be a good thing to have. As it is, I have been forced to keep and maintain multiple-blogs, that is if I want to be interactive across the different platforms. And I do. For one, I want to reblog and still have the original blog post writer know I’m reblogging. That is basic etiquette after all. And second, I want to be able to post comments and what-nots on the originating blog post regardless of the platform. So two strikes and this thing is DOA since cross-platform is so frowned upon.

What a chasm, or maybe it’s just me.

Thank goodness for third-party options.

Interesting tidbit: While looking around for some hocus pocus that could solve my bloggin world’s problems for me, I came across this snippet of blogging history, which led to this post by the originator of the defunct tumblrize widget on wordpress, via a comment by one of the developers for the new tumblr crosspostr plugin (works only for self-hosting wordpress blogs apparently).

3 thoughts on “Still on cross-posting. Upgrades and the demise of once-good stuff

  1. Eric

    The whole cross-posting thing completely confounded me for the longest time. Basically, I had to just give it up. I really only use it for my American Civil War blog to post automatically to my Facebook group for the blog. I got that working and left well enough alone. For the Tolkien blog, I think I have it posting automatically to my facebook wall, but maybe it doesn’t always work – no idea. It’s not something my friends care about so much. It also goes to Twitter, but I sort of hate (don’t get) Twitter, soooo…. 🙂

    But yes, it’ll all work out.

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    1. lurkerinthemirk Post author

      Thanks for the positivity. Much needed dose for sure.

      Personally I’d like to see someone do a grand unification theory on blogosphere. WordPress is great for the all-purpose content publishing schtick (and archiving for OCDs like me), but tumblr seems to be where the fun and visual stuff’s at.

      I’ve got a little setup working through ifttt now and it seems to be working. But to be honest, it’s still work to get stuff going where I want them to go. Sometimes I wonder why do I bother… then the answer thwocks a serious one on the head… OCD, you ijiot. Those 3 ubiquitous letters in alliance is so defining. 😛


  2. Meitar M.

    Speaking as the developer of a Tumblr/WordPress bi-directional bridge plugin, the only reason there’s no unified blogging system is because greedy companies like Tumblr don’t want there to be one. 😦 Tumblr Crosspostr has a FAQ item about this that goes into a bit more detail, if you’re interested.



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