Mini Appendix A Read-Along Starts Friday!

Mini Appendix A Read-Along Starts Friday!:


Hey everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed your read-along break! But it’s time to get things going for the 2015 lineup, and to start off we’re doing a nice, quick, casual read of Appendix A of Lord of the Rings.

Here’s the schedule:

  • Week 1 (January 30-February 6) Numenor,…

Well! Here we go again =)

Mini Appendix A Read-Along Starts Friday!

12 thoughts on “Mini Appendix A Read-Along Starts Friday!

  1. Eric

    Okay… They’re saying that they’re not doing much for it, except making bingo cards and playlists. First, it’s awesome that anyone is reading Appendix A. Second, what does doing more than not much look like? How does bingo play into this, and should I be doing fancy pants things for the Silmarillion Slow Cooker? Do I need to give away actual slow cookers like some sort of Elvish Oprah?

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    1. lurkerinthemirk Post author

      Well, I don’t think you want to get into that business. But if you want to know what really doing it looks like, check this random sampling of blogposts out for things that happened for their silmmie read out:
      Mother lode of bingo stuff:

      Yup, they got scale, and they are TEAM 😛


          1. lurkerinthemirk Post author

            Good choice. I suppose you have a policy of keeping said friends away from the implements of the trade you have on your person? You know, swords, arrows, that sort of thing. 🙂

            Oh, and Elves cos you mentioned Elvis Oprah. 😀

            Edited to add: Yes, I joined Team Doriath. The choice was clear among the other available options: Ainur, Feanorians, Edain, Angband. But I was a sleeper member – all I focused on were my chapter notes.


      1. Eric

        Yeahh… I’m a bit too laid back for Tumblr, I think. Sure, I love projects and I make shirts and prints and used to make books and put on punk shows – I’m not a lazy guy. But this … this is too too busy!

        Though, I could see myself doing some sort of mix CD/print give away to anyone who wants it. Or something. Or not. Really, I just want to focus on the text. I’m not nearly as fun as they are! 🙂


          1. Eric

            If I remember correctly, I might not have been remembering correctly. Meaning that the Yes song I was thinking of was either “Sweetness” from their first album or “Heart of the Sunrise” from the Fragile LP. Also, it could have been “Moonchild” by King Crimson.

            There’s a LOT of musical information rattling around in my head.


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