morethanphotography:Pati oo by CecyliaLeszczak Felaróf.It was…


Pati oo by CecyliaLeszczak


It was upon Felaróf that Eorl rode to the Field of Celebrant….
These were the mearas, who would bear no one but the King of the Mark or
his sons…. Men said of them that Béma (whom
the Eldar call Oromë) must have brought their sire from West over Sea.

– The Lord of the Rings, Appendix A, II The House of Eorl 

(Also for week 3 of the Tolkien readalong blog’s LotR Appendix A readalong.)

morethanphotography:Pati oo by CecyliaLeszczak
Felaróf.It was…

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