“If it had been in the movie it would have been… it would have…

“If it had been in the movie it would have been… it would have been quite a nice shot.” – Alan Lee

With the home-entertainment release theatrical edition of The Battle of the Five Armies impending, I am finding myself wondering if we’re gonna get DOS’ed again with an extended edition with NO additional scenes featuring the Elves.

Yes, the world might have stayed blissfully unaware this scene even existed and as a fan, I’m an ingrate for not appreciating that this
scene was even included in the extras, and plastered all over the
inter-webs anyway. But since I’m in a movie-rant funk anyway, I find myself needing a pre-emptive rant about potential deleted scenes in the botfa extended edition. Because I find it truly a waste that we didn’t get this scene in the Theatrical release itself (vid here), which would have gone a little way in alleviating the problematic character arc for movie!Thranduil (which lawyernovelist discussed in detail here as part of her series of botfa analysis posts).

  • THIS was a scene that’s a sudden addition they worked out on the fly
  • Alan Lee quick-sketching the background impromptu for the actors and director to have something to work off on, and them showing it just makes me want to see the realised version even more.
  • for reference:
    – fan edited rendering of the scene
    by elveinking
    maivolchica‘s rendering of the opening scene with Erebor, parts 1 and 2
  • There’s no such thing in my book as too much Mirkwood, or the Halls of the Elvenking. And this was another location in the Halls… and look at Erebor in the distance! I can just imagine it, Thranduil making time everyday for the longest time to just stand there and stare at it, thinking about them White-Gems.
  • It’s a Thranduil and Leggy moment. And they both speak Elvish!
  • Thranduil displaying a different, softer, emotion, that’s not been seen yet. He’s so sad and solemn… must be the sight of Erebor and the thought of those Gems.
  • Legolas gets character layering. He’s not the jealous little princeling hanging on to Tauriel. This puts a different spin to their relationship, which would have been great to see. Also, he’s a trusted confidante of Thranduil here. And that’s as it should, for beings who live so long. Legolas’ knowledge he displays in LotR makes sense with this… he didn’t just sleep on an encyclopedia of ME one night and wake up in time to fulfil his destiny as the Oracle of the (partial)Fellowship.
  • Thranduil’s awesome intellect and intuiting ability on display. “You have two days” he say so simply. Without ado or drama, but it’s so full of PORTENT. And shows, imo, he cares very much for Tauriel in his own way (why that’s so is another plotgap to address, not going to discuss it here), being willing to let Legolas even try. And even Legolas catching on is another side to him that’s been missing.
  • I can understand that Peter Jackson took it out to preserve the impact of Bard’s realisation. But why should it take away from the storyflow if it’s worked in well? The crew has shown they’re very capable of making things work if they wanted to. For example, why couldn’t the scene of Bard making the discovery be interwoven with a small scene of Tauriel and Legolas en-route to Lake-town where Tauriel asks Legolas the circumstances of him getting the King’s leave to come after her. He can tell her the deadline and do reminiscence of this exact scene, and as Thranduil recites the rhyme, the scene blends and morphs into Bard doing his thing. It’s all about pacing, serving the characters in the story, creative decisions and quality of story-telling. It’s been done in the films before. For all the visual callbacks and resonances PJ has forced into TH, this would be the one call-back to all those LotR scenes of blending voices, seemingly disjointed scenes bleeding into one another that I would have loved and WANT TO SEE.

Do I want to know what will be “gifted” or “denied” us in botfa? I’m torn actually. C’est la vie, I guess.

“If it had been in the movie it would have been… it would have…

2 thoughts on ““If it had been in the movie it would have been… it would have…

  1. Kezlo

    I’m thinking this scene was left out to give greater impact to the scene we’ve now seen in BotFA, in which Tauriel is pronounced to be banished. I like your suggestion on how to work it n as a flashback, but I’m now thinking – and not that I agree with it – that PJ didn’t want to imply this care for Tauriel by Thranduil. He wanted to up the ‘ooh he’s a hard-ass’ stakes on how the non-ME-fandom audience thinks about the Elven King, who is clearly just pissed about her taking off. Pity. Am trying to think how this deleted scene could be incorporated without changing the banishment storyline, which leads to the Th vs T altercation storyline. And I can see how they may simply have resolved to drop it. But it definitely has a place in that rewrite that we’d all like to do.:) I love Thranduil’s quote here, and the sadness / foreboding in his tone would connect well with the feels that he is concealing later.

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    1. lurkerinthemirk Post author

      I suspect so too. Within the context of the script, i can see why they would decide to drop it. But well, you know my problem is the script itself.

      “But it definitely has a place in that rewrite that we’d all like to do.”




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