Follow-up on crossposting

0511-1102-1012-1262_cartoon_of_a_frustrated_woman_cursing_while_doing_her_taxes_clipart_imageSo it’s been a while since I started the cross-posting experiments using ifttt recipes I created. From the resolution of the last loopy fiasco to-date, the results are not shout atop Taniquetil worthy, but there are bright spots. Mostly, my post activity has been the Middle-earth imagery posts crosspost from tumblr to wordpress and twitter, so the observations might be somewhat biased.

The good is when cross-posting from tumblr to wordpress, no tags get left behind. Not the other direction though. Only the first handful or so (I’ve not counted) tags from wordpress gets parsed through to tumblr. But this is not something unique to ifttt recipes. I noticed the same when I was on the wordpress native publicize tool.

Another gripe is the post content setup doesn’t allow for a lot of options. From tumblr to wordpress, again full text and images get parsed intact (though the formatting has its issues), but the reverse traffic flow causes some funky format problems, including grey squares for images. Also, if you choose to crosspost your tumblr to wordpress as a quote, the entire post is quoted. The recipe just doesn’t know the meaning of quotes. Nor is there a “Read more” link in the “quote”.

Occasionally, posts from tumblr to wordpress do get double-posted, and there was an instance of quadruple posts. Of course it figures the multi-posting funk always happen during my sleep-cycle. To mitigate this, I’m setting the ifttt recipe to create drafts instead of immediately publishing posts from now on.

Twitter though, for all that it’s got the tiniest of crosspost sizes, ifttt recipes to twitter requires a bit of precision. If you setup your recipe to add an image, you end up with an “image not found” on your image timeline for the tweet. So to use ifttt recipes to crosspost to twitter, either choose the non-image recipe option or if you’re like me, an OCD about adding images where there’s images, you’d need 2 recipes.

Will I continue? Well, I need my fix, and as mentioned, my time online is going to be sporadic for some months. The ME imagery posts are my fun and nurtures the bookworm and the nerd. The key thing is I want my cake and eat it too. Frankly, since I’m adjusted to the madness, apart from the slight inconvenience of having to remember to add the recipe triggering tags, crossposting this way is a lot less painful than the tradition method, so unless I find something better or abandon the crossposting, this is still it. Now its a waiting game: which comes first, salvation or sanatorium?

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