magicalnaturetour:”Bring it on!” (by Nick Hobgood)But mostly…


“Bring it on!” (by Nick Hobgood)


But mostly Ulmo speaks to those who dwell in Middle-earth with voices that are heard only as the music of water. For all seas, lakes, rivers, fountains and springs are in his government; so that the Elves
say that the spirit of Ulmo runs in all the veins of the world. Thus news comes to Ulmo, even in the deeps, of all the needs and griefs of Arda, which otherwise would be hidden from Manwë.

– The Silmarillion, Valaquenta

Awesome Ulmo‘s creatures: Image 4a of 5
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magicalnaturetour:”Bring it on!” (by Nick Hobgood)But mostly…

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