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knightandknights:蝴蝶夫人(魔女化) by 白 熊 Melkor hated the Sea, for he…


蝴蝶夫人(魔女化) by 白 熊

Melkor hated the Sea, for he could not subdue it. It is said that in the making of Arda he endeavoured to draw Ossë to his allegiance, promising to him all the realm and power of Ulmo, if he would serve him. So it was that long ago there arose great tumults in the sea that wrought ruin to the lands. But Uinen, at the prayer of Aulë, restrained Ossë and brought him before Ulmo; and he was pardoned and returned to his allegiance, to which he has remained faithful. For the most part; for the delight in violence has never wholly departed from him, and at times he will rage in his wilfulness without any command from Ulmo his lord. Therefore those who dwell by the sea or go up in ships may love him, but they do not trust him.
-The Silmarillion, Valaquenta 

Imagine that. Uinen subdued Ossë at Aulë’s behest before they became spouses. I suspect she could curb Ossë’s violent tendencies and bring him to heel because her own greater capacity for violence (which she utilised to great effect subduing him) gave him pause. It’s just that she keeps it under control that much better than him. But he knows if ever she rose in wrath, there is nowhere to hide, because even Ulmo knew to give her due respect. Best not to give her any reason to get riled up in the first place!

knightandknights:蝴蝶夫人(魔女化) by 白 熊
Melkor hated the Sea, for he…