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What This Blog Is

A place to

For now, I’m laying the groundwork for my ambling ramblings so there’s not much besides my reading notes. Therefore, all that you probably are interested to see can be found under “Reader“.


Why Middle-earth, And How I Fell Into This World

I am a movie firster, though a life-long sf/fantasy nerd, as in Tolkien, hobbits, elves, have always been in my consciousness. But embarrassingly, I have not read the books until I was given the motivation of my life with the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. Not for want of curiosity.  There was circumstance at first, but as I grew up, there were always things to read, and stuff to do. Middle-earth was on my life’s list of to-dos; the movies a momentous job fast-tracking the books to the front of the line and kept them firmly there.

And from there, I ventured some dips into the fan-fiction writing realm. Unfortunately, I put Middle-earth aside a while back to deal with real-life. It was. to put it mildly, rather a bad decision. If I could do it all over, I would not do disconnect so completely ever again.

So here I am, picking up the pieces and hopefully getting back, and staying, on track.


Who is this lurking in the mirk?

I tend to lurk, it’s in my nature, and I am pretty good at self-deprecating humour. “Lurker in the Mirk” began as a lark when I stepped out of the lurkmirk for what I thought was a brief fangirl foray into the forums of an established site. But when it became apparent I’m becoming used to the contact in my furtive ventures, I felt I might as well own it, and so “Lurker” am I.



I am leery of spam, so there will not be any overt details for contacting me. However, you can leave a comment with your contact information, and indicate if you want to have the details edited out (I have set comments management to require approval so your contact information is safe until your comment is approved for publication). I will respond when I can. Or, you can use the form on the “Connector” page to get in touch.


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  1. The Leather Library


    I noticed that you don’t have a contact form, thus I will be leaving my message here. I have read your articles and I am thoroughly impressed. I like you take on Tolkien, in particular this article!

    I am the owner of The Leather Library blog and senior editor for The Smoking Jacket Magazine. That being said I am always looking for thoughtful and creative individuals to contribute (as regularly, or infrequently as they like) to The Leather Library. The Leather Library is a website that discusses philosophy (especially philosophy of science), literature (especially Tolkien), global catastrophic risk and all the finer things in life.

    I want to extend an offer to you to write for The Leather Library in any capacity that you are comfortable with, from an occasional contributor, an author and/or and editor! Should you accept you will not be bound to any particular set of guidelines or restrictions; I encourage The Leather Library’s contributors to run free with their imagination. This opportunity will also help to promote your own personal site and you will be given an official page on the ‘staff’ list with links to your site which will consequentially increase your sites SEO. Also every time you post on your own personal site, you can create a post on TLL which will drive its large audience to your site.

    Please do not feel obliged to accept my offer should you feel uncomfortable.

    Your truly,

    Steven – Owner/Executive Editor of The Leather Library Blog (



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