All over the web are fantastic photography and art that are inspired by Middle-earth or evokes the world Tolkien built.

This is the meta list for photography and art used, cited or discussed on this blog.

Overall tag: Imagery

Related tags: , Nature, Animals, book quotes


Main tag:

Websites most referenced

ponderation ()
more than photography (tag)
wooden folk (tag)
sitoutside (tag)
sundown (tag)
lotr scenery


Posts, especially book-related posts under the Reader tag have accompanying artwork from commissioned artists that’s available online or are otherwise sourced from fan art sites.

Main tag: Middle-earth Art

Websites most referenced

scifi-fantasy-horror (tag)


Main ME tag: Middle-earth imagery

Category tags

Middle-earth imagery landscape
Middle-earth imagery book
Middle-earth imagery book TH
Middle-earth imagery book Silm
Middle-earth imagery book LOTR
Middle-earth imagery book COH
Middle-earth imagery characters
Middle-earth imagery flora and fauna
Middle-earth imagery scenes

Specific tags are the same as the ones on the Reader and Tagger pages.


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