(Updated 21 November 2014)

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Reader list

  • The Lord Of The Rings. My first proper Tolkien read, back in Dec, 2001, which I embarked on just before the premiere of LotR:FotR. [Status: Expected start of notes publishing in Jan 2015.]
  • The Hobbit. My first ever contact with ME, but my second officially read Tolkien book. Because of events pre-dating LotR and the many tangents and side-trips I expect while doing my LotR reader, I want to complete this first. However, TH is to me, a supplement to LotR. [Status: WIP. All chapter notes are done. Outstanding: mapping of the adventure]
  • The Silmarillion. Let’s address the oliphant in the room – this is a tomby tome, not for the casual elf-fancier looking for instant gratification. But as an OCD nerd, my duty is clear. The Silm must be read. The Silm will be read.  [Status: WIP. Chapter notes are being made]
  • Unfinished Tales. The infinitely more delightful lotr-supplement/silm-tangent. Build the foundations before the fancy frills. So this reader is number four. [Status: Yet to start]
  • The Children of Hurin. This is the first new Tolkien book in years. My copy should arrive anyday now, but I’m leaving it til last, just for the completist streak. [Status: Yet to start]
  • Tolkien Book List. List of related books – acquired and wish-list.