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sitoutside:by Josh Couts As the third day of their voyage wore…


by Josh Couts

As the third day of their voyage wore on the lands changed slowly: the trees thinned and then failed altogether. On the eastern bank to their left they saw long formless slopes stretching up and away towards the sky; brown and withered they looked, as if fire had passed over them, leaving no living blade of green: an unfriendly waste without even a broken tree or a bold stone to relieve the emptiness. They had come to the Brown Lands that lay, vast and desolate, between Southern Mirkwood and the hills of the Emyn Muil.
– The Lord of the Rings. Vol I: The Fellowship of The Ring, Book 2: The Ring Goes South, Chapter 9: The Great River

sitoutside:by Josh Couts As the third day of their voyage wore…

breathtakingdestinations:Horseshoe Bend – Arizona – USA (von…



Horseshoe Bend – Arizona – USA (von .Bala)

At last they were brought to a halt. The ridge took a sharper bend northward and was gashed by a deeper ravine. On the further side it reared up again, many fathoms at a single leap: a great grey cliff loomed before them, cut sheer down as if by a knife stroke. They could go no further forwards, and must turn now either west or east. But west would lead them only into more labour and delay, back towards the heart of the hills; east would take them to the outer precipice.
– The Lord of the Rings, Volume Two: The Two Towers, Book Four: The Ring Goes East, Chapter 1 The Taming of Smeagol

breathtakingdestinations:Horseshoe Bend – Arizona – USA (von…