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wanderthewood: Larix, Punkaharju,…


 Larix, Punkaharju, Finland by sakarip

“Farewell! O Elvenking!” said Gandalf. “Merry be the greenwood, while the world is yet young! And merry be all your folk!”
– The Hobbit, Chapter 18: The Return Journey

wanderthewood: Larix, Punkaharju,…


sitoutside: au bord de l’etang … by Mick…



au bord de l'etang ...
by  Mick Cam 

Reminded of the Enchanted Stream, circa Greenwood the Great instead. I can see a certain king-in-waiting just lounging that beautiful being of his on the far bank, as a quiet day wear away. Right on the edge of the sunbeam. Yeah, a little corner Thranduil called his own, for a little while.

Second and final landscape cross-post/reblog, like the patagonian rhapsody reminiscent of sunset on the edge of Mithlond.

After this, any middle-earth imagery post (wordpress tag, tumblr tag) should only be seen once on this tumblr. Thank goodness I started small (and late) on this.



au bord de l’etang …

by Mick…

Reader: The Silmarillion. Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age

Reader deep thought: The wrap-up! The end of the First Age saw the beginning of the Elven exodus, the Second marked the Downfall of Númenór. And here unveiled are the aftermath the Downfall, interwoven with the tale of how and why Sauron kept it up in Middle-earth after Morgoth’s done for, geology shakeup, and cliff-notes for the Third Age galore. Yes, including the entirety for Gollum’s being, Precious. Though, what is it with crafty Noldor and objects of great allure that must involve W.A.R. at some point?
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