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The Liebster Award

liebster-award-logoSo I got my second ever connector mail, and it turned out to be a nomination for something called The Liebster Award.

Thank you, Umbreen (musingsofanerdygirl)!

I’ve followed Umbreen for months but shamefacedly, I can’t say much for Umbreen’s blog except: all ye nerds and nerd-friends, proceed to read her blog (after reading this post please). Because I somehow unknowingly dropped her from my follow list for goodness knows how long.

In her award response and nomination post here, her nom for this blog reads:

Lurker in the Mirk – for any Tolkien nerd

From one nerd to another: that sounds about right. Short and sweet too. Go us, go nerds!

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Let’s Begin at the Beginning (Silmarillion Slow Cooker)

STM-Silm-20150202The page-a-post Silmmie readalong has completed the Ainulindalë read.

And I’ve been wondering how do I exploit participate without over-committing on time I don’t quite have. Apart from adding my random ramblies to the posts, I’ve decided I’m going to collate each chapter’s posts into corresponding meta posts for my chapter notes. (Stroke of genius, if i may say so myself.)

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Follow-up on crossposting

0511-1102-1012-1262_cartoon_of_a_frustrated_woman_cursing_while_doing_her_taxes_clipart_imageSo it’s been a while since I started the cross-posting experiments using ifttt recipes I created. From the resolution of the last loopy fiasco to-date, the results are not shout atop Taniquetil worthy, but there are bright spots. Mostly, my post activity has been the Middle-earth imagery posts crosspost from tumblr to wordpress and twitter, so the observations might be somewhat biased.
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In Varda’s playground, aka stellar rorschach

VardaAgainst the deep of the Firmament, the Queen of the Valar made new stars, twinkling beacons that break the unending dark, a welcome from the heavens for the Firstborn waking upon the shores of Cuiviénen, in response to the Doom Mandos spoke.

‘In this age the Children of Ilúvatar shall come indeed, but they come not yet. Moreover it is doom that the Firstborn shall come in the darkness, and shall look first upon the stars. Great light shall be for their waning. To Varda ever shall they call at need.’

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Men, Hobbits, and Framing, Or How Tolkien Still Couldn’t Start the Silmarillion (Part 2)

STM-Silm-20150130Men, Hobbits, and Framing, Or How Tolkien Still Couldn’t Start the Silmarillion (Part 2).

The follow-up to The Wandering Elf-friend, Or How Tolkien Couldn’t Start the Silmarillion (Part 1).

Continuing on details about the gestation of the Silmarillion. It’s fascinating, the changes, and unchanges, the manuscript got through the years.

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The Wandering Elf-friend, Or How Tolkien Couldn’t Start the Silmarillion (Part 1)

STM-Silm-20150128The Wandering Elf-friend, Or How Tolkien Couldn’t Start the Silmarillion (Part 1).

So it began, the return of the Silmarillion read, slow-cook style.

This is cuisine vastly different from the read-along on the tumblr group. I think of the tumblr read-along as hors d’oeuvre, and this slow-cook as the entrée. Because the Silm does need several passes to “get”.

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Reader: The Silmarillion. The Tengwar Script on the Title Page

Silm-TitlePageDid you ever wonder about the Tengwar script adorning the title page of the Silmarillion?

I have. It’s been a little questioning prick in the nape that I know is there, but never got round to assuaging.

Someday, I told myself, I would find out exactly what it said.

Days turned into years, and the world moved on.

Finally, the answer fell into my lap.

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Still on cross-posting. Upgrades and the demise of once-good stuff

loopy_cat_by_timekeeper9-d2z7w0ePutting this up for anyone interested in CONTROL and cross-posting. So yes, OCD-complexioned deuce that I am, ima still puttering around with the idea of cross-posting, but with focus on control in my hands.

Having donned my tiny logic-debugging cap, I realised the idea of multi-platform cross-posting is not an impossible dream.

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