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bookorithms:Perfection is a bookstore with cats in it. These…


Perfection is a bookstore with cats in it. These adorable felines live at David Mason Books in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ah yes. As the good sir, Mr. Albert Schweitzer said: “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”

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I’m greedy and needy. So I say we need the perfect triumvirate (in no particular order): cats, books, music.

bookorithms:Perfection is a bookstore with cats in it. These…

Christmas Carol Parody: Thranduil Baby (Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt)

Stepping away for a bit from both book-nerding, and square-my-head-about-movie effort. Something a little bit naughty, a little nice, and definitely all tongue-in-cheek. Hosting it here in case it violates some proprietry rule at the family-friendly place where my fellow fanciers of the Elvenking congregate. Fellow Thralls, you know who you are.

For accompanying visual bookends, refer to this meme. And yes, I am aware the original song isn’t technically a carol, but its seasonal vibe is undeniable.
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