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(Source: 500px.com, via eripias via ponderation)’…….

(Source: 500px.com, via eripias via ponderation)

’…. What are oliphaunts?’ said Gollum.

Sam stood up, putting his hands behind his back (as he always did when ‘speaking poetry’), and began:

Grey as a mouse,
Big as a house,
Nose like a snake,
I make the earth shake,
As I tramp through the grass;
Trees crack as I pass.
With horns in my mouth
I walk in the South,
Flapping big ears.
Beyond count of years
I stump round and round,
Never lie on the ground,
Not even to die.
Oliphaunt am I,
Biggest of all,
Huge, old, and tall.
If ever you’d met me
You wouldn’t forget me.
If you never do,
You won’t think I’m true;
But old Oliphaunt am I,
And I never lie.

– The Lord of the Rings, Volume Two: The Two Towers, Book Four: The Ring Goes East , Chapter 3: The Black Gate is Closed

(Source: 500px.com, via eripias via ponderation)’…….