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Worldly Explosion | WAV Darkness lay there under the Sun. Fire…

Worldly Explosion | WAV 

Darkness lay there under the Sun. Fire glowed amid the smoke. Mount Doom was burning, and a great reek rising.
– The Lord of the Rings, Volume One: The Fellowship of the Ring, Book Two: The Ring Goes South, Chapter 10 The Breaking Of The Fellowship

Worldly Explosion | WAV Darkness lay there under the Sun. Fire…


sundxwn:Inferno by Alexandre Ehrhard … down on the stones behind…


Inferno by Alexandre Ehrhard

… down on the stones behind the fences of the Black Land the air seemed almost dead, chill and yet stifling…. The land all about was dreary, flat and drab-hued…. South-eastward, far off like a dark standing shadow, loomed the Mountain. Smokes were pouring from it, and while those that rose into the upper air trailed away eastward, great rolling clouds floated down its sides and spread over the land. A few miles to the north-east the foothills of the Ashen Mountains stood like sombre grey ghosts, behind which the misty northern heights rose like a line of distant cloud hardly darker than the lowering sky.
– The Lord of the Rings. Vol III: The Return of the King, Book 6 The End Of The Third Age, Chapter 3: Mount Doom

sundxwn:Inferno by Alexandre Ehrhard
… down on the stones behind…

Reader: The Silmarillion. Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age

Reader deep thought: The wrap-up! The end of the First Age saw the beginning of the Elven exodus, the Second marked the Downfall of Númenór. And here unveiled are the aftermath the Downfall, interwoven with the tale of how and why Sauron kept it up in Middle-earth after Morgoth’s done for, geology shakeup, and cliff-notes for the Third Age galore. Yes, including the entirety for Gollum’s being, Precious. Though, what is it with crafty Noldor and objects of great allure that must involve W.A.R. at some point?
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