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bookorithms:Perfection is a bookstore with cats in it. These…


Perfection is a bookstore with cats in it. These adorable felines live at David Mason Books in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ah yes. As the good sir, Mr. Albert Schweitzer said: “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”

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I’m greedy and needy. So I say we need the perfect triumvirate (in no particular order): cats, books, music.

bookorithms:Perfection is a bookstore with cats in it. These…

Apologies for duplicate posts. And an ingrate’s technology gripe

quote-Charles-M.-Schulz-sometimes-i-lie-awake-at-night-and-1-2374Note: much apologies to blog followers who may get multiple duplicate posts for a bit as I straighten this out.

Ingrate. That’s me. Sometimes I lie awake at night and ask: do I ask for too much of technology, of social media, of internet people? (Not the last, in all seriousness. I’m well aware people are the problem, like Ms Dodson, despite the Stockholm Syndrome induced affection she developed for Mr. Constantine that has somewhat disabused her of that key existential tenet.)

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