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theartofbeingafan:Gollum by daarken“What has it got in its…


Gollum by daarken

“What has it got in its pocketses?” he heard the hiss loud behind him, and the splash as Gollum leapt from his boat.
– The Hobbit, Chapter 5 Riddles In The Dark

A sudden weight smote him and he crashed forward, tearing the backs of his hands that still clasped his master’s. Then he knew what had happened, for above him as he lay he heard a hated voice.
– The Lord of the Rings, Volume Three: The Return of the King, Book Six: The End Of The Third Age, Chapter 3: Mount Doom

theartofbeingafan:Gollum by daarken“What has it got in its…

Reader: The Hobbit. Chapter 5 “Riddles In The Dark”

The Hobbit Book CoverSummary Points

  • Bilbo found a ring deep in the lightless cavern where he ended up in.
    • Pockets are always handy things to have. So’s a blade of Elven-make.
  • There are always things living deep in places where no one thought things could live and thrive.

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