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Let’s Begin at the Beginning (Silmarillion Slow Cooker)

STM-Silm-20150202The page-a-post Silmmie readalong has completed the Ainulindalë read.

And I’ve been wondering how do I exploit participate without over-committing on time I don’t quite have. Apart from adding my random ramblies to the posts, I’ve decided I’m going to collate each chapter’s posts into corresponding meta posts for my chapter notes. (Stroke of genius, if i may say so myself.)

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Reader: The Silmarillion. Foreword and Preface

Silmarillion Book CoverWhat’s in the Foreword? Or the Preface? Does anyone care? I do!

The read-along launched last weekend, with intros/team roster induction in order (I am sorted to Team Doriath, as desired, along with like-minded fellow frequenters of a certain Tolkien-related forum keen for a virtual adventure) and even a Council of Menegroth in session. The read-along proper starts this week, holding court for the fortnight with the Valaquenta and the Ainulindele, but I have observed the launch with my own little initiation right now. That’s right, reading the foreword and preface in my copy of the book, with a few complementary quick thoughts.

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