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morethanphotography:last sunday…. by rolfmarkeBut the host of…


last sunday…. by rolfmarke

But the host of Morgoth, aroused by the tumult of Lammoth and the light of the burning at Losgar, came through the passes of Ered Wethrin, the Mountains of Shadow, and assailed Fëanor on a sudden, before his camp was full-wrought or put in defence; and there on the grey fields of Mithrim was fought the Second Battle in the Wars of Beleriand.
– The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion Chapter XIII Of the Return of the Noldor

morethanphotography:last sunday…. by rolfmarkeBut the host of…

Glaurung! You’re Grounded!


Setting: First Age, about 260, during the long Siege of Angband


Glaurung: RAWR! I am a Dragon!
Noldor: WTF is a Dragon?!
Glaurung: ME! (breathes fire out)
Noldor: Oh shit! (runs for cover)

“Glaurung, the first of the Urulóki, the fire-drakes of the North, issued from Angband’s gates by night.  He was yet young and scarce half-grown, for long and slow is the life of the dragons, but the Elves fled before him to Ered Wethrin and Dorthonion in dismay; and he defiled the fields of Ard-galen.”

Glaurung: Glaurung the Golden! (breathes fire) Glaurung the Terrible! (smashes things) Glaurung the … ow, what was that?

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Poor Glaurung, no wonder he’s insufferable. Alien abduction does things to the head. No surprise Morgoth plagiarized. After all, leopards got spots, Morgoth got megalomania.😜 (relevance: my chapter notes for the Quenta: Chapter XIII Of the Return of the Noldor)

(Do love the horned lizard though. Just too cute a critter.)

Glaurung! You’re Grounded!

fadesintothewest: “Cousins”This is one of my favorite…



This is one of my favorite renditions of Maedhros and Fingon by Ivanneth. Go check out her great gallery of art!

The caption she includes with this piece is as follows:

“Long before, in the bliss of Valinor, before Melkor was unchained, or lies came between them, Fingon had been close in friendship with Maedhros; and though he knew not yet that Maedhros had not forgotten him at the burning of the ships, the thought of their ancient friendship stung his heart.”  The Silmarillion, Of the Return of the Noldor

Maedhros and Fingon

Nice! I’ve always wondered about Maedhros and Maglor because they were the most behaved of the seven, and oh so conflicted.

(Quote Ref: The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion Chapter XIII Of the Return of the Noldor)


“Cousins”This is one of my favorite…

ponderation: Sun Smoke by Ross Barringer It must be such a…


Sun Smoke by Ross Barringer

It must be such a wonder to all when the Sun first rose. But from the vantage of Thangorodrim. perhaps the perennial smog mitigated its brilliance somewhat.

“But as the host of Fingolfin marched into Mithrim the Sun rose flaming in the West; and Fingolfin unfurled his blue and silver banners, and blew his horns, and flowers sprang beneath his marching feet, and the ages of the stars were ended. At the uprising of the great light the servants of Morgoth fled into Angband, and Fingolfin passed unopposed through the fastness of Dor Daedeloth while his foes hid beneath the earth. Then the Elves smote upon the gates of Angband, and the challenge of their trumpets shook the towers of Thangorodrim; and Maedhros heard them amid his torment and cried aloud, but his voice was lost in the echoes of the stone.”

– Quenta Silmarillion, Chapter XIII: Of the Return of the Noldor

Sun Smoke by Ross Barringer

It must be such a…

ponderation: Rannoch Moor Reflections by martindavies3 As the…


Rannoch Moor Reflections by martindavies3

As the icescape signify the enormity that faced Fingolfin at the start of the crossing, perhaps this was the view that greeted Fingolfin at the end of it.


Rannoch Moor Reflections by martindavies3

As the…

Reader: The Silmarillion. Quenta Silmarillion, Chapter 13 “Of The Return of the Noldor”

ted nasmith_the silmarillion_2_quenta silmarillion_13_of the return of the noldor_medReader deep thought: What an eventful time! The Noldor sure started their careers as Exiles with a bang, or three. And the Sun and the Moon sprung up in time to bear witness to the stuff of legends. Gothmog debuted, Fëanor passed, the Noldor-lords reunited willy-nilly, Noldor meets Sindar, and Thingol unhappy. But still, the Noldor prospered and there was diaspora, much thanks in part to Maedhros’ mellowing out, Finrod’s loyalty to their friendship, and the even-tempered EQ of Fingolfin. Everything happened. Even LOVE, blooming in Galadriel and Celeborn’s companionship in Menegroth (interestingly, both were Thingol’s kin). And yet, already two Wars of Beleriand before the end of the chapter, in the brief span of time right before the Sun first rose to her 60th anniversary, and the Silmarils were still in Morgoth’s ever scheming hands. Bummer. And what did the Noldor do? Siege Angband of course! Four hundred fifty years. Longevity hath its privileges.

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