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morethanphotography:Pati oo by CecyliaLeszczak Felaróf.It was…


Pati oo by CecyliaLeszczak


It was upon Felaróf that Eorl rode to the Field of Celebrant….
These were the mearas, who would bear no one but the King of the Mark or
his sons…. Men said of them that Béma (whom
the Eldar call Oromë) must have brought their sire from West over Sea.

– The Lord of the Rings, Appendix A, II The House of Eorl 

(Also for week 3 of the Tolkien readalong blog’s LotR Appendix A readalong.)

morethanphotography:Pati oo by CecyliaLeszczak
Felaróf.It was…

morethanphotography:D I V E R G E N C Y by szabozoltan599When…


D I V E R G E N C Y by szabozoltan599

When King Telemnar died the White Tree of Minas Anor also withered and died.
– The Lord of the Rings, Appendix A, I: The Númenórean Kings, (iv) Gondor And The Heirs Of Anárion

(A little something for week 2 of the mini LotR Appendix A readalong)

morethanphotography:D I V E R G E N C Y by szabozoltan599When…

amazing-places-omg:Check out my blog if you like this :) The…


Check out my blog if you like this 🙂


The next day at the hour of sunset Aragorn walked alone in the woods, and his heart was high within him; and he sang, for he was full of hope and the world was fair. And suddenly even as he sang he saw a maiden walking on a greensward among the white stems of the birches…
– The Lord of the Rings, Appendix A, I: The Númenórean Kings, V: Here Follows A Part Of The Tale Of Aragorn And Arwen


(A little something for week 1 of the mini LotR Appendix A readalong)

amazing-places-omg:Check out my blog if you like this 🙂

In Varda’s playground, aka stellar rorschach

VardaAgainst the deep of the Firmament, the Queen of the Valar made new stars, twinkling beacons that break the unending dark, a welcome from the heavens for the Firstborn waking upon the shores of Cuiviénen, in response to the Doom Mandos spoke.

‘In this age the Children of Ilúvatar shall come indeed, but they come not yet. Moreover it is doom that the Firstborn shall come in the darkness, and shall look first upon the stars. Great light shall be for their waning. To Varda ever shall they call at need.’

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Mini Appendix A Read-Along Starts Friday!

Mini Appendix A Read-Along Starts Friday!:


Hey everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed your read-along break! But it’s time to get things going for the 2015 lineup, and to start off we’re doing a nice, quick, casual read of Appendix A of Lord of the Rings.

Here’s the schedule:

  • Week 1 (January 30-February 6) Numenor,…

Well! Here we go again =)

Mini Appendix A Read-Along Starts Friday!

Done with the Silm notes. Or are we?

old-forest-road-ben-zweifelWhen I started on the Silm notations, I mentioned that I was following the schedule of the read-along happening on tumblr to help keep me on track. But, unlike the read-along’s exclusive focus on the main text, I had intended to go book cover to book cover, starting with the foreword and preface, and concluding with my own map of the story flow in the Silm. I expected to have a notation post, and at least one content discussion post every week of the read-along. And it seemed like I had all the time in the world to make the schedule, and keep to my plan. But if there’s one thing to learn from the book, it’s that things do not go according to plan, no matter one’s station. Universal entropy is the greatest existential equilizer.

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Reader: The Silmarillion. Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age

Reader deep thought: The wrap-up! The end of the First Age saw the beginning of the Elven exodus, the Second marked the Downfall of Númenór. And here unveiled are the aftermath the Downfall, interwoven with the tale of how and why Sauron kept it up in Middle-earth after Morgoth’s done for, geology shakeup, and cliff-notes for the Third Age galore. Yes, including the entirety for Gollum’s being, Precious. Though, what is it with crafty Noldor and objects of great allure that must involve W.A.R. at some point?
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Reader: The Silmarillion. Akallabêth

Reader deep thought: From the aftermath of the War of Wrath emerged a new landscape in Middle-earth, both literally and socio-geo-politically. The Second Age, the Age of Men had begun. Morgoth may be gone, but this was not a happily ever after tale about the Edain, the three Houses of Elf-friends who fought on the side of the Eldar and the Valar: this was about Men behaving badly, aka the Downfall of Númenor, which began when the Valar took it into mind to “put things in place”, featuring a brand new pad for the scions of the Edain, or as they called themselves after the fancy new pad: Númenoreans, aka Dúnedain.

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