(Created 14 Jun 2014. Updated 23 Jan 2015)

For tags/links to my ME fanfiction as I write and revise. NOTE: I am not actively writing for the moment.

I use the penname Wayfarer, and the pieces are published on storiesofarda.com and fanfiction.net. And if you have the time and are so inclined, I will tell you just “why do I write fan-fiction“.


Main tag: wayfarer ()


Specific tags

Unwritten Tales

Novel-length and serialised gap-fillers.

  • Into The Dark Again. [Multi-chapter. Status: WIP/Major rewrite of published chapters ongoing. Acronym: ITDA].
    On: SoA (revised/revising), ffnet (old).
    GapFiller: At Gandalf’s behest, the relentless Aragorn finds Gollum and brings him to the Elvenking’s Halls after a long search. Left in the Mirkwood Elves’ care after Gandalf’s ‘interview’, Gollum is restive … while the shadows stir.
  • Second Son. [Multi-chapter series. Status: WIP/Stalled. Acronym: SS].
    On: SoA, ffnet.
    Denethor meets his newborn son and is troubled. He upsets Finduilas by presenting the child as Faramir to Ecthelion. And of course, Boromir now has a brother. Various characters’ firstperson narrative in selected events through to Faramir’s youth.


Meetings and Counsel (Drabbling the CoE Aftermath). [Occasional series. Multi-chapter, standalone episodes. Status: Ongoing. Acronym: MaC].
On: SoA, ffnet.
FULL TITLE: Meetings and Counsel: Drabbling the Aftermath of the Council of Elrond. The CoE brings many many characters together, almost like a ME equivalent of a UN conference. This series fills some of the gaps left for us to ponder. Chronology random.


Trinkets On The Wayside.
On: SoA (pieces are not all grouped as such on either site)

  • Mela En’ Coiamin. [One-shot. Status: Complete].
    On: SoA, ffnet.
    GapFiller: Estel has learnt his birthright. He presents himself as Aragorn to Arwen. As he leaves Imladris to begin life as a Dúnadan, she watches, recalling their first meeting and Elrond’s words to her after. Based on LotR’s appendices.
  • A Moment Between Brethren. [One-shot. Status: Complete].
    On: SoA, ffnet.
    After Aragorn refuses Eowyn’s request to join the Grey Company’s ride, a brief conversation between him and his foster brothers follows. Canonfriendly short story
  • The Taste Of Blood. [One-shot. Status: Complete].
    On: SoA, ffnet.
    Amidst the aftermath of Eomer’s first watch on the Rohan borders, Theodred shares a few thoughts with his young cousin. Based on the narrative concerning Rohan in LotR’s appendix A.
  • Dust of Snow. [One-shot. Status: Complete].
    On: SoA, ffnet.
    Short story (Extreme fluff, 500 words): While in Gondor, Rohan’s new king goes on a rare ride beyond her walls, and finds his mood lightened by an encounter with a raven and a lady. Based in part on the events following the WAR of the RING and on the narrative concerning Rohan in LotR’s appendix A. (Canon-liberal, character-conscious.)
  • Ever Mine. [Poem. Status: Complete].
    On: SoA, ffnet.
    Grima’s private musings as he watches Eowyn, from the shadows as expected and tainted by a morbid fascination with a certain flower. Of course it’s not in good taste. An attempt at villanelle. Rated for disturbing premise.
  • Avallónë. [Poem. Status: Complete].
    On: SoA.
    Silm-based: A short poem about the White Tower in the West, and the isle that bore it, as both may be in the present age. A little bit of melancholy conjured during a depressing night.
  • Paired Drabble: A Kindling Of Kindred Spirits. [Status: Complete].
    On: SoA.
    Paired drabble: The Lord and Lady of Ithilien before their union. Characters: Faramir, Eowyn.
  • In Thrall. [Poem. Status: WIP].
    On: Unpublished.
    On the state of affairs in the Mark before the War of the Ring.
  • Haiku. [Poemie stuff. Status: Ongoing/Occasional]. On: SoA
    • Mirrormere. On: SoA
    • Untitled. On: SoA
    • Hithaeglir. On: SoA



  • The Twelve Days Of Precious. [Carol parodies. Status: Ongoing occasional seasonal X’mas series]. On: ffnet.
    Carol Parodies: Something about the thought of snow and the Yule season makes musie bawl out whacked up carols, ME style! Canon safe.

    • The Twelve Days Of Precious. (Tune: The Twelve Days Of Christmas) A tune Gollum might have sung to entertain themselves in memory of Yule, when they were still settling into a life of isolation under the Hithaeglir.
    • Let It Flow. (Tune: Let It Snow) At Helm’s Deep, imagine the Dwarf’s baritone ringing out (especially in defiance of Legolas’ lead in the tally) – Gimli’s war-song upon the Deeping Wall.
    • All I Want For X’mas Is My One True Ring. (Tune: All I Want For X’mas Are My Two Front Teeth)  A tune that might have been popular with “He Who We Do Not Name”.
    • Mithrandir Is Wearing A Frown. (Tune: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town) The song memory aid that was left out of Master Peregrine Took’s travelling knapsack when the Nine Companions left Rivendell. (But then, he’d probably do each and every single thing he oughtn’t, right on the mark anyway)


 Movie fiction

  • Return. [One shot. 500 word drabble. Status: Complete]. On: wordpress. Published 26 Dec 2014.
    One-shot fix-it ficlet on the follow-up of the final scene between Thranduil and Legolas in “The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies”, how Legolas got his knives back, and that missing burial ceremony. Because: book-canon, timeline (yes, I am aware of the advancement done to Strider’s age in the movies), and what-the-heck?!


  • Thranduil Baby (tune: ‘Santa Baby’ by Eartha Kitt). A fangirl needs to gush after all.

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