The Silmarillion

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Chapter List/Tags:

Foreword & Preface (tag for Foreword, tag for Preface)

Ainulindalë (tag)

Valaquenta (tag)

Quenta Silmarillion (tag):

I Of the Beginning of Days (tag)
II Of Aulë and Yavanna (tag)
III Of the Coming of the Elves and the Captivity of Melkor (tag)
IV Of Thingol and Melian (tag)
V Of Eldamar and the Princes of the Eldalië (tag)
VI Of Fëanor and the Unchaining of Melkor (tag)
VII Of the Silmarils and the Unrest of the Noldor (tag)
VIII Of the Darkening of Valinor (tag)
IX Of the Flight of the Noldor (tag)
X Of the Sindar (tag)
XI Of the Sun and Moon and the Hiding of Valinor (tag)
XII Of Men (tag)
XIII Of the Return of the Noldor (tag)
XIV Of Beleriand and its Realms (tag)
XV Of the Noldor in Beleriand (tag)
XVI Of Maeglin (tag)
XVII Of the Coming of Men into the West (tag)
XVIII Of the Ruin of Beleriand and the Fall of Fingolfin (tag)
XIX Of Beren and Lúthien (tag)
XX Of the Fifth Battle: Nirnaeth Arnoediad (tag)
XXI Of Túrin Turambar (tag)
XXII Of the Ruin of Doriath (tag)
XXIII Of Tuor and the Fall of Gondolin (tag)
XXIV Of the Voyage of Eärendil and the War of Wrath (tag)

Akallabêth (tag)

Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age (tag)


Geanealogies (tag)

I The House Of Finwë
II The Descendents of Olwë and Elwë
III The Book Of Bëor
IV The House of Hador
V The People of Haleth

The Sundering Of The Elves (tag)

Notes on Pronunciation

Index of Names

Appendix: Elements in Quenya and Sindarin Names

Map of Beleriand and the Lands to the North