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Reader: The Hobbit. Chapter 18 “The Return Journey”

The Hobbit Book CoverSummary Points

  • Bilbo awoke, by himself, still on Ravenhill.
  • He was found by a searcher, a Man, and apparently hadn’t been found earlier because he had his Ring on.
    • Gandalf certainly trusted in his ability to survive. He had been counted among the dead and the Man was on one last search for him.
    • The Man was clearly a strong healthy guy, he carried Bilbo, at speed, back down to the camp.

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Reader: The Hobbit. Chapter 17 “The Clouds Burst”

The Hobbit Book Cover

Summary Points

  • Early the next day, banner standards were brought up to the Front Gate of Erebor, with both chiefs in attendance.
  • Thorin was smug in the surety of Dain’s arrival swinging things in his favour and was displeased to see the Elves still among the Men.

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